Planet Blue Pictures provides music video, film, short film, and digital video content distribution, along with syndication and license services to our artists, labels and content partners.

We service over 50 music shows around the world including MTV, 20 video digital retailers including iTunes, and over 30 telecommunications and mobile companies globally.

The digital world is continuously growing, and therefore, there is an exhaustive list of methods for distributing your content. Unfortunately, this can be extremely time consuming and tedious, as each media network requires their own specifications and formats. Without proper skills in these areas this can seem wearisome and complex.

This is where Planet Blue Pictures steps in. We handle it all for you including formatting, covering all data charges, royalty management and distribution. This is the biggest value proposition on the market as it could cost you thousands of dollars to do this all on your own.

With our expansive list of contacts ever growing, Planet Blue Pictures gives you the best possible network connection for your video/ film in the quickest, and most cost effective way.

Planet Blue Pictures accepts most content delivery methods, such as DropBox, WeTransfer, Hightail and more.

We will require the following:

  • CONTENT: film / video clip file / audio file
  • IMAGE: DVD cover / poster / any artwork you feel is necessary
  • PBP META DATA SHEET: this will be supplied to you via email

After submitting the files, please email clearly stating:

  • Your full name
  • A list of files uploaded
  • Links to where they’re placed

If you are unsure if your delivery method is accepted or correct, email and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

Video Specifications
PAR: 1 : 1
High-Profile: 4 : 4 : 4
Frame: Native
Bitrate: 1-pass CBR (or better)
GOP: long or longest (33 at least)
Image Specifications
DVD cover / poster / artwork
DIMENSIONS: 1400 X 2100 pixels
Audio Specifications
Encoder: AAC Encoder
Sampling Frequency: 96KHz
Channels: Stereo (or better)
Bitrate: 512 kbit/s
CODEC: MPEG-4 / ISO / IEC / 14493-3
Object: Low Complexity
Output-Format: RAW
  • These formats should be used as a guide to output the best quality clip. Always keep in mind the highest definition possible is ideal for our services.
  • Avoid countdown timers at the beginning of the clip
  • In regards to music videos, no title credits are to be displayed throughout the clip. The name of the song and the artist is allowed.
  • Email for any formatting questions

Planet Blue Pictures’ management team has negotiated comprehensive distribution deals with some of the largest, most influential companies in the world.

Channel V
Country Central Tv
Dj Central Tv
Fashion Central Tv
Jazz And Blue Central Tv
Max Tv
Metal Central Tv
Muzu Tv
Peg Media
Pivot Share
Qello Concerts
Rage TV
Red 8 Studio
Reggage Central Tv
Sony Entertainment Network
Spb Tv

Planet Blue Pictures has completed integration with every relevant mobile device, tablet, Smart TV, and most gaming consoles.

The following applications are live in each respective marketplace:

  • iOS – iPhone, iPad, Apple TV
  • Android mobile phones, tablets
  • Google TV
  • Microsoft mobile phones
  • Samsung smart TVs
  • Amazon Kindle Fire
  • Sony Bravia smart TVs
  • Xbox
  • Windows 8
  • PlayStation

Planet Blue Pictures provides our content partners with the opportunity to have all their video clip ingestion costs funded by Planet Blue Pictures via a royalty advance.

All approved video clips that we accept for this offer will have all of the ingestion costs advanced to the content partner. This includes all iTunes formatting charges, creation of all the various formats required by our content partners from MOV to AVI files, and the ingestion time to ensure delivery to the 20+ services we send your video clip to.

All of this would cost well over $2,000 USD if you had to manage this process on your own. We do this for one flat rate of $500 USD, and if your clip is accepted, we simply advance you the ingestion costs and you do not have to pay anything. We then recover our costs from the future royalty income stream that the video clip generates.

We have partnered with Blue Pie Data to manage all our royalty and reporting requirements. All sales will be reported to you via a unique secure login, so you can see all the income your content generates via the Planet Blue Pictures distribution network. Reports are updated monthly and royalties are paid to you on a quarterly basis.

What we need to ingest and service your content to our partners:

  • A signed license agreement
  • All the information completed in our metadata sheet
  • Your content in the format outlined in this brochure (See speciations section)

Once we have the above information, we can process your content and make sure it is delivered to our service providers in a timely and efficient manner. It will take up to 120 days for all service providers to confirm that your content has been ingested. For more information email

We prefer artwork to be in layered PSD format. If PSD is not available, JPG or PNG is acceptable.

  • Must be bigger than 694 x 1000 pixels
  • Provide a PSD (Photoshop) project file with layers
  • Provide the image as a JPG or PNG format